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About Us

Local Expertise, Professional Results

Fireside Property Management has been providing world-class property management services since 1999. Our innovative business model integrates the customer service and management disciplines of the institutional property management industry at a local level. This unique approach and our commitment to bring the very best professional service has resulted in strong business growth and our long lasting tenure in the area, making us one of the most respected and trusted local property management companies.

Credentials and Affiliations

Licensed with the Department of Real Estate

Fireside Property Management is a member of NARPM® (National Association of Residential Property Managers). Our excellent reputation for professionalism and integrity continues to be earned day by day. Other professionals in the real estate industry seek us for expert opinions on rental values and consultation or liability concerns. Brian Folden, Broker/Owner of Fireside Property Management has been a real estate broker since 1992 and is very active in the real estate community.

Real Estate Services

The property managers at Fireside are fully licensed(as required by the CA-BRE) and are members of the following organizations:

  • SCCAOR (Santa Clara County Association of Realtors)
  • CAR (California Association of Realtors)
  • NAR (National Association of Realtors)
  • NARPM® (National Association of Residential Property Managers)

Mission Statement

  • We will reach out to make a difference in the quality of your life as it relates to the management of your investment property.
  • We will provide the best service possible for every client we represent.
  • We will never tell a client what they want to hear if it is not the truth.
  • We will never enter into a client relationship where we know what is expected of us cannot be completed in good faith.
  • We acknowledge that we may periodically lose business because we are truthful with our clients, whereas competitors may tell them what they want to hear to temporarily gain their business.
  • We will never forget that quality of service, honesty, loyalty, understanding, accountability and creativity are what make us so very different from the average property management company.
  • We will always treat all parties honestly and fairly without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, ancestry, national origin, handicap or family status.

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