Tenant Charges

The charges listed below would be incurred by the tenant for common actions that would go above and beyond the normal lease agreement, the normal activities for a tenant, or any other actions outside of routine operations. These charges have been put in place to offset the cost and time involved needed to address each issue listed below on behalf of the tenant and are charged on a case by case basis.

1. Lease Change: $250

This fee is charged to offset the cost of coordination and time involved in re-drafting a presented lease to a tenant if they ask for changes or special requests that need to be included in the lease.

2. Renewal Lease Preparation: $50

This fee would be charged once a tenant signs a lease renewal. It is meant to cover the administrative efforts involved in completing a lease agreement extension.

3. Lease Modification: $200

This fee would be charged if a tenant wants an administrative action taken that will cause their lease agreement to be modified. If a tenant wants to remove an occupant from a lease agreement, add and occupant to a lease agreement or anything that will cause the lease to be modified.

4. Utility Change or Activation: $125

This fee would be charged if the tenant fails to change utilities in a timely manner. Not only would the tenant be responsible for utilities from the day the lease started, but they would also be charged this fee if additional efforts must be made to ensure they properly turned over utilities. This also applies if you have terminated the utilities prior to your lease end date and we must establish them to conduct the move out inspection. This fee is charged per utility

5. Early Move In: $250

This fee would be charged if a tenant requests an earlier move in date than what the original lease was written and signed for. To make this change requires additional paperwork and coordination.

6. Rush Move In: $250

This fee would be charged to a tenant if the tenant is in a severe rush to move into a home. Example: The tenant applies on a Thursday afternoon, and wants to move in on Friday or within 2 business days of the application. If the tenant receives an application approval, to facilitate such a quick move in – we have to drop everything to accommodate for such a quick turnaround. In this case, the tenant will be charged the fee to facilitate this action.

7. HOA Admin Violation: $100

This fee will be charged anytime the homeowner or the property manager receives a letter for negative reasons from the Homeowner’s Association. The most common examples are the lawn needing to be mowed and edged (tenant responsibility), the garbage cans to be placed out of sight on non-garbage pick-up days, basketball goals left on the curb, and un-authorized boats or trailers parked in the driveway or on the street. If any letter or notice is received from the HOA because of tenant actions, we must pass along that information to the tenant, add that into the tenant file, respond to the owner, and follow up with the HOA.

8. Rekey Lockout: $100

This fee will be charged an administration fee if the tenant locks themselves out of the home and has requested assistance to gain access. Additional charges from the contractor will also be incurred depending on if the doors have to be drilled into, or they can be merely picked.

9. Reissue Check: $65

This fee would be charged if we have to reissue a lost check to a tenant for any reason determined to be the fault of the tenant.

10. Coordination of Cleaning or Repairs: $50 (per item)

This fee would be charged if additional arrangements have to be provided for maid service, lawn service, carpet cleaning, or estimate/invoices to any damages done to the home that calls for repair because of tenant negligence. Estimates/Invoices are kept for costs involved, and can be provided to tenant. This fee is meant to cover the administrative cost in organizing this on the tenant’s behalf.

11. Inspection Required to Confirm Lease Compliance: $125

This fee is charged when an inspection or visit is needed to confirm the tenant has remedied the lease violation or noncompliance issue.

12. Lease Violation Tenant Notice: $50

This fee would be charged to a tenant if the tenant is not complying with their lease, resulting in additional paperwork and coordination.

13. Missed Appointment/Trip Charge/Denied Access: $125

This fee is charged when an appointment is set with a Landlord representative and access is not available to the property or success has been denied.

14. Rental Verification: $50 (per person)

If we are sent a rental verification request, and you have authorized it, there is a charge for us to complete the verification. If the verification is for a tenant more than 12 months prior to the date requested, the charge is $100. We also provide a standard form and will not complete the requestor’s form.

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