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5 Reasons to Invest in a Tenant Portal

5 Reasons to Invest in a Tenant Portal

Are you the type of landlord who manages your property from a distance or the kind that constantly checks in on your tenants? As it turns out, there's a much better way to keep track of your investments and renters.

A tenant portal allows both tenants and landlords to stay in communication with each other and get what they need. Tenants can pay online and put in maintenance requests. Property owners can track all of their investments online.

Here are five reasons why a tenant portal is one of the most important property management tools you can buy.

1. Enhanced Tenant Satisfaction

Tenant satisfaction is crucial is you want to maintain high occupancy rates and avoid lengthy vacancies. If a tenant is happy with the home you provide, then they'll want to stay longer.

A tenant portal helps with this by providing an easy way to access information and make online requests. They can also pay rent online and get in touch with a property manager much easier than they could with a phone call or an email.

2. Better Communication

Effective communication is key for property management. Tenants can't give feedback or request maintenance if they can't get in touch with the property owner.

A good landlord should run their property like a business, and good businesses streamline their communications. Your tenant portal should allow for easy messaging and even automate certain tasks like maintenance requests and online payment.

3. Online Rent Payment

Online rent payment is one of the most appealing tenant portal features.

A good tenant is one that pays their rent on time. The ability to pay online means that a tenant can send in their rent late at night without worrying that their check will get lost in the mail. It can also help them avoid fees that sometimes apply to mobile apps.

4. Property Maintenance Requests

Nothing is worse than having a problem with your building's plumbing late at night or when you're otherwise indisposed. As a landlord, it is your responsibility to take care of these problems as soon as possible.

Instead of your tenant waiting for a response, they can request maintenance online. Even better, the landlord can track these maintenance requests to make sure they're fulfilled.

5. Increased Property Management Efficiency

A tenant portal allows property owners to manage their various investments much easier. This is especially true if you own and rent out multiple properties.

Through your portal, you can set reminders for lease renewals, track monthly rent collections, allow tenants important document access, and more. You can rely on it as much or as little as you want.

Invest in a Tenant Portal Today

If you're an investor who plans to rent out multiple properties, then you'll need a tenant portal to help manage them all. It's a worthwhile investment, and your tenants may even expect you to have one when they move in.

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Reach out today with any questions and to get a management quote.


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